Things to Do Near Matanuska Glacier

A visit to Matanuska Glacier should be at the top of any Alaska visitor's To-Do list. While in the area consider some of these other fun, exciting and unforgettable activities. If you're looking for more things to do near Matanuska Glacier, you've come to the right place.

Be an Explorer!

Situated about 100 miles north-east of Anchorage in Glacier View, Matanuska Glacier is one of the oldest tourist destinations and most picturesque landscapes in Alaska. The majestic glacier is known for its blue ice, ice caves and breathtaking views of the Chugach and Talkeetna mountain ranges.

Tours of the Matanuska Glacier are available year round. The natural beauty proximity to Anchorage makes the Matanuska Glacier a popular choice for those wanting to explore Alaska. Below are some of the top things to do near the Matanuska Glacier, enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Best of all, nearly all of these adventures highlighted are very near each other so it's easy to see and do a lot on a one- or two-day itinerary.

The below list is certainly not everything you can do near the glacier, but it's an excellent start. We look forward to seeing you at Matanuska Glacier and wish you the very best of travels!


River Rafting With NOVA River Runners


With NOVA, you can expect to experience the Alaska you always imagined. NOVA river trips are active participation adventures by nature, and involve various levels of physical exertion. Visit the website or call the office to see which river trip suits your physical and mental capabilities.

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hiking near matanuska glacier

Besides a glacier hike on the Matanuska, there are plenty of trails in the area to satisfy your adventure needs. Take a trip up Lion’s Head, just a short drive up the road from the glacier, or explore the many trails around Sheep Mountain. There are also plenty of trails up towards Eureka Lodge located at Mile 128. For more information about hiking and walking trails in the Matanuska-Susitna borough, please visit:

Reindeer Farm

visit the reindeer farm in palmer near the matanuska glacier

What started as a neighborhood wonder is now open to visitors and has gotten a lot of media attention; it has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Vogue Magazine, and National Geographic. During the one-hour tour, you will be guided through the farm, told anecdotes about the animals young and old, and may even get to pet a reindeer. The farm is open year-round by appointment. For more information or to book a tour, please visit their website or call the office.

Phone: (907) 745-4000


Musk Ox Farm

visit the musk ox farm near matanuska glacier

The Musk Ox Farm is currently located in the Matanuska Valley near Palmer, Alaska where members of the project, and a host of volunteers continue the work that began in 1954. To learn more about the gentle musk ox, it’s qiviut, how the farm began, and how to book a tour, please visit the website, or call the office.

Phone: (907) 745-4151


Berry Picking

blueberry picking near the matanuska glacier

There is nothing like the taste of fresh berries, picked right off the bush during an Alaskan summer. Be sure to pick up a berry guidebook so you can identify the different types of edible berries--there ARE poisonous berries so make sure to identify the leaves with your guidebook. For more information on the types of edible berries available during the summer, visit:

Mushroom Foraging

mushroom foraging near the matanuska glacier

The coastal, temperate rainforests of the Chugach National Forest often produce a prolific fruiting of mushrooms. Beware, there are a multitude of varieties of mushrooms that grow in Alaska; be sure to get a guidebook or take along an experienced forager on your mushroom hunting so you do not pick any poisonous varietals. For more information please visit:


camping near the matanuska glacier

Alaska is a camper’s paradise. With the state being so vast and beautiful, it would be difficult not to find a dreamy place to camp for the night. There are plenty of options for everyone from backpackers, to car campers, to those who prefer “glamping” in an RV. For more information about camping in Alaska, please visit: